DatCraft Donator Shop

Please Note that when you put your username in its Case Sensitive! Be Careful.

All Donation items and ranks are automatically applied to your account in minutes.

To Upgrade choose which server you are playing on whether it be the Pixelmon Server or the Faction Server and then proceed to the Upgrade option. If you aren't sure what server you currently are playing on you can go to our site DatCraft.net and check which server you are currently on by clicking "Servers."

If you have any issues or questions, proceed to go to our site, log onto your account, and then go to Contact Us. Make sure to put what your issue is and your email to help us understand your issue. Here is a direct link to contact us: http://datcraft.net/contact/

E-Checks take up to 7-14 days to process

Payment Agreement:

No Refunds, Chargebacks, or Requests for your money back. You have accepted that you are donating to the server, not donating for a product. We give you this item/rank/product to say thank you for supporting DatCraft. Once you have donated to help out the server, you agree to following the terms above. If you break these terms, you will be ip banned, which shall ban all of your accounts, and you will not be able to come back onto our server. We will contest/fight each and every chargeback, and by agreeing to this TOS you agree to giving up all rights of Chargingback, asking for a refunding, or requesting for your money back. Please make sure you are above the age of 18, or have parental consent to donate for anything in this store.

You agree that at any moment we can remove permissions (commands, kits, etc.) from a group and or change the perks of a rank at any time due to the new EULA.